Feeling very blessed.

Last week I received a phone call from a well established upscale gallery to make an appointment to view some of my artwork this week. The appointment was TODAY....I am sincerely honored to be their newest artist to the gallery. They have already made their first initial order of four pieces. The legal papers are in the process- Yes, there are legal papers involved. 
I won’t be selling a small particular portion of my art to the public any longer. 
I want to express The most sincere heartfelt thank you and love to all of my friends and family who inspired, motivated, complimented, kept me going and kicked me when times got tough and felt like quitting. All of my love and thanks to everyone- especially my 3 beautiful children who inspire me every single day. Stephanie Sparks, Dustin Wagner, Whitney Wagner & Asan Sakanishi. I am so very blessed.