The love and passion I have for welding and creating have opened new doors for me: to become a metal artist. Every piece I design and create is like I’m creating it for myself, bringing my creative side and metal together. No two pieces of art are ever the same. Each piece has my heart and soul welded poured deeply into the depths of my unique creation in-which every piece tells a true and grand story. Although it saddens me to see each piece leave my grasp because it’s a true part of my inner thoughts, ambitions, and passion. It fills me with joy knowing someone has fallen in love with my art, as much as I did to create it. Like a writer putting words to paper writing a heart pounding novel- Metalwork to me is an amazing way to explore and express my inner childlike fantasies in which allow me to express in the form of a tangible piece of art for all to admire and enjoy.

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